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Birthdate:Nov 5
Location:Stockholm, Sweden

Hi! I'm Kattis, a 33 year old female from Sweden. I live in a suburb to Stockholm since a few years ago now. Never planned to move up here, but I love it. It's a great place to live. I live together with my boyfriend who I've been together with for more than 10 years now. (How did that happen?) I work with kids at a preschool, which is something that kind of just happened, but I do like it and think of getting a second degree in the field in the future. I have a masters of history, and have also studied literature, art and philosophy and the University of Linköping.
I love snailmail, Blythe dolls, singer/songwriters and indiemusic, watching movies at the cinema or home, following tv shows that I am probably too old for but I don't care, traveling,reading and a whole lot more.
This journal is friends only as I want to have control over who reads it. Please comment if you think we have anything in common and I'll most likely add you right back. I use this LJ to write about my daily life, things that interests me and the occasional rant. I also post a lot of photos of things that I do and places I've been, my Blythe dolls and other things that catches my attention.
I'm a collector at heart and my current obsession is Blythe dolls. But I also have a huge amount of books and stationary and I used to be into buying a lot of CDs of bands I loved in the past - now I'm madly into Spotify instead.
New hairs?
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